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The Only Performance Based U.S. Automotive Call Center

A Concierge Experience for your Sales Prospects

 FollowPro's agents stay in touch with the customer through the end of the sales process, providing valuable feedback to our Dealer Partners.   Pay  ONLY  for  "Kept Sales Appointments" ....No Show, No Pay!

Commissioned Salespeople Assigned to Your Dealership

 Your prospects are contacted each time by a LIVE Salesperson, who also provides a permanent Callback number for questions and follow up.  We will stay in communication with every prospect through your Dealersip's entire sales process. 

No "Robocalls," No Recordings, No Confusing Invoices. No Show, NO Pay!

Your store is billed ONLY for "Kept Appointments."  Stop paying for "call minutes" with little accountability and inconsistent results to your bottom line.

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 "Suivitel has sent us only gold leads since the beginning of the program. The leads are qualified and ready to buy. "

Jason Sills, Sales Manager

Volkswagen Des Sources

FollowPro works with all Brands of Vehicles, from Midline to Highline.

We offer excellent references, please call FollowPro's exclusive U.S. Representatives at MSS Auto now at 800-520-1948 to discuss why accountability matters with regard to your Sales Call Center Services.  In as little as one week, you will ONLY be paying for "Kept Appointments." 

No Show, NO Pay!

FollowPro Automotive Retail Call Centers are represented exclusively in the U.S. by MSS Auto Sales.

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